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Welcome to RMS Law Firm, PLLC. We are a new way of delivering legal services that combines the benefits of many on-line legal providers with the personal touch or relationship of a traditional law firm. RMS Law gives small businesses, individuals and families the legal services they want and need in a cost-effective and client-oriented manner.

When we launch RMS Law in 2011, we were all about bringing value to legal services, in the "new normal" economy that we were in then.  And now, five years later, we are still dedicated to delivering families and businesses value-oriented legal services without sacrificing quality. 

Working within that “new normal” RMS Law uses
 technology and personnel in a manner that is unique.
 The key characteristics that distinguish RMS Law include:

What do clients want? Certainty and predictability when it
 comes to the fees charged for legal work – something that
 internet-based products such as Legal Zoom provide. 
RMS Law provides that predictability while retaining the best feature of the traditional firm model – the ongoing personal relationship with you, the client, and uncompromising quality in the work provided, a serious issue with the “one-size-fits-all” forms that are sold on-line.

Thank you for visiting RMS Law Firm, PLLC. Please browse through the other pages in our website for more information about who we are, what we do, how we charge for our services and how to reach us with your questions.

Best regards,

Roger M. Stahl, Attorney and Owner
RMS Law Firm, PLLC

RMS Law Firm, PLLC
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