Preparing an Estate Plan is no reason to panic . . . 

Roger Stahl has over 25 years of experience helping individuals and families with their legal needs, including estate planning and probate. His extensive knowledge and personal care will help you create the right estate plan for your family now and in the future and will make the process clear and comforting.

Estate planning is not about planning to die, but about making a plan so that you can live on with knowledge that, when you do pass on, your family and loved ones will experience comfort and not chaos because your planning made the transition smooth and not stressful.

A certain famous musician from Minnesota recently and tragically passed away. Despite his wealth and fame and despite the many lawyers, bankers and other financial advisors he must have worked with over his life, he passed with no written estate plan. And now the consequence of this oversight is that the distribution of his many properties and holdings are an expensive, public spectacle.

RMS Law is dedicated to taking anxiety and uncertainty out of the planning process. We will explain upfront what the process will cost, and help you to understand what the plan is intended to accomplish for you and your loved ones.

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