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RMS Law Firm, PLLC, works with businesses, families and individuals helping them with a lot of different areas of law.  It is not possible here to describe all that we are able to do for our clients, but here is a broad cross-section of the legal work we do:

If you have a legal question or problem that is not on this list, please call or email us anyway.  With nearly 20 years of experience in private practice, it just is not possible to describe here all of the legal matters we have handled.  Even if your legal concern relates to an area of the law that we do not work on (like bankrupcty, criminal or DUI matters, divorces or personal injury), we have a well-developed network of colleagues who share our commitment to client service and value and we will make a referral that ensures your legal concerns are handled quickly.

Legal Zoom and similar forms:

Perhaps you like to do things yourself,
including your legal own legal work.  We're 
good with that, but we also want you
to be assured that what you did yourself
you did correctly.  So like an inspector
would look over your deck project or 
basement remodel, we are happy to 
review your DIY legal work and tell
you what you did, how it will work (or
not) and suggest changes that you might
consider.  We charge a flat fee for this
service - the amount depends on the
documents you would like us to review, but
it typically will not exceed $275.

OUR FEES:  How we bill for our services.

We understand that one of the hardest things about seeing a lawyer is the fee - what will the legal services cost and how does a client budget for the work they need done?  RMS Law does everything possible (short of working for nothing, that is) to keep our fees reasonable and predictable.  Many of our services, such as wills, trusts, powers of attorney and many more, are available on a flat fee basis.  We will also provide a quote for work for which we have not yet established a flat fee.  Wondering what we would charge for something?  Just call or email to find out.

Like you, we are also careful about what we spend and how we spend it.  By keeping our overhead low and using technology to maximize efficiency in our business, we help you manage your own budget.    

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